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PH Electrical are specialists in adaptive technology. We are able to install whole house technology systems for people who need or benefit from assisted living.

Assistive technology is vital to give individuals more independence by enabling them to carry out day to day tasks without the need for third party help, via carers and support workers. It should also allow them to lead a less intrusive and more dignified life.

The system is integral to the building and can be broken down as follows:

Phase 1: Base build: This includes an integrated property solution to provide an interface between fire alarms, automated doors, CCTV and warden call system to allow the building to be managed in a more efficient and safe manner. In addition each apartment has an assistive technology enabling infrastructure that links into an individual control system and the central hub. This enabling work provides the necessary infrastructure for any item of assistive technology on the market to be supplied and connected through the lifetime of the building and different individuals.

Stage 2: Bespoke Installation: Environmental controls: Access control, automation of doors and windows, curtains and blinds, television and source devices control. All managed by a recommended communication device with the correct control method that meets the needs of the individual’s disability.

Sensors: door & window, fridge/freezer, oven, hob, water and motion sensors. These sensors can be set to report to the carer’s office on a screen/portal if certain sensors have not been activated by certain times.

These integrated technologies ensure the infrastructure of each scheme will support a range of people for years into the future.

For your peace of mind we are NICEIC registered.

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