• Client: HB Villages
  • Location: Bartley Green
  • Project Length: 5 months

HB Villages Bartley Green

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At this assisted living facility we completed the enabling on a 3 block 32 room, 9 apartment scheme, allowing a better more independent living arrangement for people with extra needs.

We completed a full design, supply and install service of an L2 addressable fire alarm linked to Automatic Opening Vents. With an automatic Paxton based door entry system and Neptis automatic door openers on 2 external doors.

Included in the build was the design and installation of a full Tynetec Warden Call System including distress pull cords, handsets, door opener alerts and safety pendants.

All rooms, offices and communal areas are fully networked via the communications cupboard.

Rooms that cater for people with physical needs have specialised adaptive Mode lighting and Udrains.